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Song For My Grandfather

SvanZini is the pseudonym for Svein Hansen,

a multi instrumentalist and composer.

His first instrument in the early 50’s, was a guitar. The guitar and the music became crucial to SvanZini's general life.

His interest for music, instruments and the variety of styles of music itself, became endless: Pop, Rock, Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Funk, Jazz, African, Brazilian, Cuban, Argentinian, Indian, Turkish, European music,

Norwegian folk music and more.....

A personal mantra: The secrets you learn from the different music styles of the world; use them with loving care.

Instruments played by SvanZini:

Guitars, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Trumpet, Harmonica, WX5 wind controller and Flutes.

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Photo: Arne S. Gjone

This newspaper clip of my grandfather

is from 1952.

I found this and the original photo in my father's belongings.

I decided to dedicate this album to him.

His name was Hans Hansen.

born in 1871 and died in 1954.

He was a carpenter, and when he had a free time he went fishing. He never came home with his fishing bag empty.

Together with my grandmother they made 13 children. My father was the last, born in 1913.

My grandmother, Josefine Caroline, had her own flower shop and was the leader of the women's liberation organisation.

She loved the famos Italian Tenor: Enrico Caruso, and played his records on an old wind up gramophone.

New Single Released:  July 7, 2020

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New single released:  September 7, 2020